Meet Report – 845 @131.4

October 28th, 2015 by Laura

This was my first (hopefully only) time competing sumo. My SI joint was flaring up going into this meet and conventionals were off the table.


Opener: 255 Good Lift
Was glad I went conservative. This felt light but I felt floaty and unfocused, as I always do for squatting at meets. Probably nerves.

Second: 265 Good Lift

Third: 275 Good Lift (+5 Meet PR)
I can definitely see my hips twisting but in spite of that, the squats went up fast and the bar felt light. So why the light attempts? On one hand, I whimped out on my squat attempts. On the other hand, I was happy to go with lifts that I was confident in, get a 5lb lead on my previous total, not kill off my hip right out of the gate and save the mental and physical energy for later.

Opener: 155 Good Lift
The bench felt much higher than my bench at home and my form was off.

Second: 165 Good Lift
I was going to ask for blocks under my feet but that would be stupid; I’m not short. I tightened my belt to avoid overarching and brought my feet a little farther back. It ended up feeling easier than my opener.

Third: 170 Good Lift (+10 Meet PR)
I really should have tried 175 but I am very happy with a +10 meet PR on bench.

Opener: 370 Good Lift
I originally had a 355 opener but upped it to 370 at the last minute.

Second: 400 Good Lift (+10 meet PR)
HIDEOUS. The conventional puller in me took over; I realized it the moment the bar came off the ground. When I sumo correctly, it feels like I am pulling the bar off the floor forever then lockout is a breeze. If there is speed off the ground on heavy weight, I’m going to be in trouble at lockout and in no position to grind it. At home, I’m lucky to even get 370 locked out when it goes this way.

My shoulders were way out in front, I was windmilling and had to get back behind the bar without resting it on my thighs or jerking it. It turned into the most awful grind with several standstill pauses. I wished that I had opted for just having more patience off the floor.

My left side locked out first, then my right, but there was no downward movement, unlock/re lock or any of that. I got 2 greens from the sides, and 1 red from the front for one hip locking out more slowly than the other.

Third: 410 no lift
After the grind that was 400, I still felt that I should try 410 because I started 400 wrong. It got maybe a few inches up but I had no fight left in me.

I went 8/9
TOTAL: 845 @131.4 (+25 Meet Pr)

If want to pull sumo in a meet again, I’m going to need to figure out how to calm down. Sumo doesn’t lend itself to frenzy the way conventional does, and if you do get out of position, it’s much harder to grind. On the other hand, for a sumo that went wrong, that was much more than I thought I could do. That makes me very excited to see where my conventional actually is.

My main goal for this meet was just to do better than I did before but honestly, I didn’t know if it was going to happen. It gets increasingly more challenging to increase my total at every single meet. Big PR’s are harder to come by and if a couple of attempts don’t go as planned, it is easy total LESS than my previous best. So, not going backward (on paper) is good. 🙂

It also felt great to make a 400 pull official, even if it was ugly and in my opposite stance.

I felt like I wasn’t able to give this meet the attention that I have been able to give previous meets. Someone always needs my time for something and I feel guilty trying to find time for my own interests. It is odd that somehow I could keep more balls in the air when the kids were babies. People have complimented my numbers for being a mom of 3 training in the basement without a coach or training partners. For this meet, I really felt like ‘you know what, I deserve to feel good about that’.

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