Meet Report – 720@132 – March 2013

March 1st, 2013 by Laura

I did the SPF meet 1 week prior to this and it all seemed a good idea at the time, but I will not be doing 2 meets in a row again. Weight was 131.2.

I woke up on one of those days where if it were a training day, I would have skipped it and said ‘gee, I could use a week or two of rest’. I was tired, very docile, in a fog, painfully knotted up trap, etc. Additionally, felt hungry but every food I looked at was making me nauseous. And, the thought of a loaded barbell made me cringe.

Last week’s goal was an elite total which I hit with 750. This week’s goal was to take some chances, so I knew that I stood a pretty good chance of walking away with a much smaller total today. The only lift that I did NOT want to miss was a 360 dead (which I missed last RPS meet).

Opener: 210
My core was asleep. It went up, but I realized that in taking a week off, I totally forgot how to squat. I really should have done some training this week, I am not at a level where I can take a week of squat/ bench and expect to deliver on meet day

2nd attempt: 240 bad
Big risk, never made a jump that big. I had a feeling it wouldn’t go, I felt so docile. Got pinned just like the good old days lol. mildly upset but too tired to pull it together and do anything about it. I also decided that right then would be a great time to try just using the monolift as is instead of walking it out (bad idea!!)

3rd attempt: 240 bad
why bother, lol. same deal as previous.

Opener: 140

2nd attempt: 150
I felt the magical spirit of Smolov leave me around Thursday. Did not have much hope beyond this. Also, wanted to sleep on the bench.

3rd:160 Bad
There was my big risk, I didn’t even grip the bar right, brought it down to the chest and there it lay. Gym PR is 158 so you’d think 160 would go SOMEPLACE, but not on this day.

Prior to deadlift, I ran around outside in the cold, went to my car and snapped an elastic on my arm till the blood came to the surface, smacked myself in the face a dozen or so times, went to the bathroom and put cold water down the back of my neck, desperate to wake the heck up.

A friend gave me Jacked 3d and 10 minutes later felt some life.

Opener: 325

2nd: 345

3rd: 360!
Was SO nervous for that 360 – that was really the main thing I wanted out of the day.

The deadlift made up for the rest of the day, vid below

I’m embarrassed even posting the full meet, but here in case anyone likes to watch disaster:

All in all 210 squat, 150 bench, 360 deadlift, 720 total. I think I did a great job of peaking for last weekend’s meet and I was physically and mentally shot today.

But in retrospect, I actually feel pretty good because I still totaled RPS Pro. And this was a total sh*t show of a lifting day so if I can get a pro total under those circumstances, I kind of feel validated that I actually deserve to be in that division now. So now I have to compete in Pro for any further RPS meets so I’d better do something with that squat if I don’t want to look like a total idiot haha.

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