Meet Report – 800 @ 131.6 – October 2013

October 1st, 2013 by Laura

RPS 17th Annual Power Challenge Boston

My ultimate goal for my 2 year powerlifting anniversary was to break into the 800’s. The more realistic goal I was hoping for was to crack 400 wilks with 790. But with all of the things I ran into at the end of this cycle, I was just going to have fun with it and accept that i would probably total less than my previous best.

I weighed in at 131.6 in clothes.

Opener: 245
All whites. But it felt like crap. Wasn’t totally ready.

2nd attempt: 265
Good lift. Figured I was done since I felt that folding forward fight going on at the top and hip was getting tight.

3rd attempt: 270 (5lb gym PR, 10lb meet PR)
Since I had never had success with 270, I decided that I would give myself the tightest wrap job you ever did see. But my hand slipped while wrapping and I accidentally punched myself in the face. I almost started crying but I think the extra adrenalin helped me focus.

Getting that extra 5 pounds on my squat threw me for a loop. got out the pen and paper, crunched some numbers, and 790/400 wilks looks like it might be a possibility after all!

During my bad pre-meet week, I failed a 150 bench (which i was supposed to triple). But it didn’t stop me from making it my opener. Honestly, if I failed 150 at a meet even on a lousy day at this point, I deserve to bomb. Bench irritates the joint issue I am having more than anything else. Was nervous that I would either bomb out here, or set hip off badly enough that I would have to skip deads.

Opener: 150
Arched but kept leg drive to bare minimum. Easy, good lift.

2nd attempt: 155
Barely made the press command, kind of jumped it a bit. Around now is when I really start needing that drive to a greater extent so was grateful to at least get that lift.

3rd attempt: 160 no lift
I was driving the weight up and felt the joint searing, but still needed some more drive to get to lockout. In a split second made the decision to jump ship and spare the joint. 5 pounds on bench isn’t worth losing 300+ on my pulls. Spotters were ninja-like. When I decided to bail, I bailed out fast, and they caught the bar.

So now I add stuff up again (I was surprised that I even made it that far) and realize that I only have to match my previous best deadlift in order to get my 790/400 wilks score. Slapped on some fresh pain patches, drank a preworkwout thingy and took a baseball to the hip…

Once again, my warmup timing was way off. I warm up very minimally for deads and ended up being done a whopping 30 minutes before my opener.

Opener: 345 ( I think… Now that I think of it it might have been 335 but whatever, it was opener-easy)
Felt like nothing, like I was picking up a pen off the floor.

2nd attempt: 365
Was nervous because my total was riding on it (shooting for 790). It actually felt decent. I thought I might be good for another 5 pounds.

Now, I realize I am SO friggin close to my original fantasy of breaking into the 800’s!! How the heck did that happen?!?? But I failed 375 at my last meet… So do I play it safe, and go for 370 so I at least get some sort of deadlift PR ( and a 795 total). OR, do I just bite the bullet and go for what I really want, 800?

I wanted 800 pretty damned bad so decided, how about I just pull up 375 and succeed if it kills me. Problem solved, haha. Bundle of nerves though!

3rd attempt: 375 (10lb PR)
EASY! I got psyched up for this big, slow, grinding, gut wrenching pull. I think I got so fired up anticipating that, that the weight went up without much struggle.

I ended up with:

270 squat, 155 bench and 375 deadlift for an 800 total.

I am in disbelief that 800 actually happened, but very happy of course.

My first meet with RPS 2 Octobers ago, was 555@142.
Squat: 175, Bench: 115, Deadlift 265
Over a 2 year period, I gained 245lbs on my total and lost 10 pounds in body weight.

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