Meet Report – 820@132 – March 2014

March 30th, 2014 by Laura

I had a stomach flu earlier in the week and couldn’t tolerate any food until Thursday. I was feeling pretty lightheaded and adrenalin was lacking.

Forgot how to squat. Nothing felt right in warmups, I felt loose and lightheaded and my technique wasn’t there. Just doing a triple with the empty bar had me seeing stars. My last warmup of 245 was a good morning grinder.

Opener: 255 Good (using term loosely) Lift
It went but it felt TERRIBLE. With that technique, I might have been good for 5 more pounds tops. What technique was that anyway? Since when do I look at the floor when I squat??? 275 flew earlier this week much faster than this did. I went ahead and put in for a 270 second attempt anyway.

The back spotter told me to square off my hips. I could see that one foot was a good 8 inches in front of the other but couldn’t fix. My hips just weren’t having it on this day.

2nd: 270 Fail
I sat back and got pinned like the good old days. This is not my normal technique AT ALL. Now I am thinking I am going to total less at this meet than my last (previous meet PR was 270). I don’t normally bounce back after a failed squat. I wanted to faint after every attempt, just felt horrible overall.

3rd: 270 Good Lift
Everything came together, this felt like my technique as of late and I bounced out fast, no sticking point. 280 would have gone like this. Maybe 290, too. grrrrrr.

So I tied my previous meet best of 270, which was a disappointment because there was a lot more in there.

If I thought I wanted to faint trying to squat, lying down on a bench and then getting up was much worse. I couldn’t get tight anywhere, just felt loose and relaxed. I was seriously considering lowering my opener.

Opener: 150 Good (again, using term very loosely)
I got on the bench and the bar was like 4 inches from my nose(?!). I had to unrack with arms completely bent 90 degrees. I have never benched a bar out of a rack like that but figured it was too late to say anything. I lost my setup, was all over the place and wobbling, very sloppy. I did ask them to raise the bar for me next time, but this felt really bad and I thought I was doomed.

2nd: 155 Good Lift
It was fine.

3rd: 160 Good Lift
Surprisingly, felt easy. You can see how much shuffling I had to do to setup and avoid the hip, leg drive was uneven and it looks like I might have come off the bench on the right side of my butt and might have got one red for that, not sure, didn’t check. But looks like 160 is my new ‘bad hip’ max.

I was really worried about this. I usually have a lot of adrenalin for deads, and I take a preworkout before they start which normally adds to that. Today I was woozy, no adrenalin, and all the preworkout did was make me keep thinking I had to pee when I really didn’t.

Deadlifts today were not looking like my normal deads. WAY slower. In warmups, I had a grinder with 335 and nearly fainted. I was worried about my OPENER of 355 even going up, nevermind anything beyond that.

Opener: 355
Did not feel great. The world was upside down and there were stars falling around me for sometime after. I honestly thought I was done.

2nd: 380 Good Lift – Grinder
I committed to the lift, either it was going up or I was going to pass out on top of it. I really love grinders but this was the shakiest, stutteriest mess of CNS shock I have ever subjected myself to. It really shouldn’t have happened but somehow it did. I couldn’t believe this went up and just knew nothing else would. 400 was NOT in the cards this day. Put in for 390 and was sure I wouldn’t get it.

Going by how messy 380 was, I was done. Then I realized that I actually really, really want 390.

I felt really empty taking this. Not like emotionally (well, maybe that, too, deadlifts suck the life out of me haha) but physically. I felt really hungry all of a sudden, floaty, and like I had nothing left to give. Whatever that driving thing is that makes you gut through heavy weight was gone. But I still really wanted 390. In all truth, this felt like a gut-wrenching HELL with everything in my body telling me to stop. But it went up, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know I had the capacity to grind through something that came off the floor so slow and started dragging before it even cleared the knee. But I actually feel really good now knowing that I can.

So in summary
Squat: 270 (tied previous meet PR)
Bench: 160 (+5 meet PR)
Deadlift: 390 (+15 meet PR)
Total: 820@132 (+20 total PR)

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