Meet Report – 750@132 – 1st Elite Total

March 1st, 2013 by Laura

Proudly hit my first elite total today (750 at 132). 9 for 9, got all my lifts.

Opener: 210

I did a horrendous job warming up and being cognizant of time. They had a rack and a monolift for people to warm up on, but the monolift was really busy. The other rack had a handful of crossfitters using it (SPF has a crossfit division). I had warmed up to just 65 and they said that 5 minutes was left! So I moved to the crossfitters rack (I walk it out anyway) but they had the rack height set up seriously at eye-level. I don’t know how they were doing it, most of them were my height or shorter.

I didn’t want to be a pain in the butt and make them change everything so I tried to work with it, but really it was that working out, I had to unrack on my tippie toes. Finally it looked like they were done, one of them helped me adjust the height, and I quickly rapid fired 155, 175 and 205 and immediately ran because I was on deck! I didn’t get a chance to wrap or anything, I was hyperventilating, my ‘squat’ looked like crap (good morning) but some how still went up.

2nd attempt: 225 fine.

3rd: 240
My friend let me borrow his strangulators and my other friend wrapped me. My own wraps and wrap job are toilet paper by comparison. Definitely was not a max, so I will go higher at the other meet next week.

3 months ago my squat was a hit or miss 185. I put 55lbs on my squat (maybe more!) in 3 months, so was pretty happy.

Opener: 140
Had to make numerous adjustments to the bench. In order to reach the bar, my head had to be COMPLETELY off the bench. I did not want a lift off, because I don’t use one at home and sometimes have issues fully activating my lats if I don’t unrack it myself. I had them lower the bar height but it didn’t help. But since I could not reach the bar (???), I had to have a handoff. It went up, but uncomfortable. Luckily, the guy who went after me was also unable to reach the bar as well and they swapped the bench out.

2nd attempt: 150 (1st take miss for tech issue, 2nd take fine)
So tech glitch #2 (there must be some aura about me that causes these things haha) This time, as I started my leg drive on my bench, the earth shook and caused me to throw the weight forward a bit, felt like I was on a boat or something, and missed. Turns out, the bench was not balanced and the whole bench shifted a couple of inches and caused me to sway. They put a pad under the crooked footing and 2nd take was fine.

3rd: 155
Was not a PR, I didn’t go for one because a new issue popped up on bench for me when I get near my max, where I overload my delts to come off the chest. Didn’t want to risk damaging my shoulder for next week by wrestling the weight like that. I will work on that this week, hopefully can fix before next meet. Went up but not at all proud of technique. 5lb Meet PR anyway.

Opener: 325

2nd attempt: 345
also ok

3rd: 355
2lb PR BUT at 10lbs lighter in bodyweight

So the result
240 Squat, 155 Bench, 355 Deadlift, 750 total @ 132

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