Pelvic Tilt Correction During the Deadlift

October 4th, 2013 by Laura

Prior to this fix, my deadlift technique was 2 separate movements of driving heels through the floor, then bringing hips into the bar. Fails with this had my hips out far behind the bar at lockout time with me trying to reel them forward horizontally. At the same time, the weight is pulling me down in front so in addition to bringing hips closer, my shoulders need to retract back to get to lockout position.

This video is on a deficit and against bands, but it shows the 2 distinct movements clearly, and how I even plan for it just before the lift. I am also drooping my shoulders over the bar on the way up which really kills my lockout when combined with the hips too far back:

Here is a failure with hips far back at a meet:

Pelvic Tilt Correction Video
This video helped me out quite a bit. Tilting sooner than I naturally wanted to and thinking of it the tilt early in the lift lessened the amount of work I was doing and got me an easy PR.

Methods for enforcing this included just drilling it in with speedy reps and speed pulls against heavier bands. The bands force me to tilt sooner and highlight if I am dragging my hips in from way out behind me again.

Pelvic tilt timing might have had such a dramatic effect on me because like many women, I am constantly struggling to correct my excessive anterior tilt. But whatever the reason, this got my deadlift moving again.

Here was my 375 pull where I was very happy with the timing of the tilt:

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