Meet Report – Push/ Pull – April 2012

April 1st, 2012 by Laura

Had knee surgery 6 weeks ago so did a push/ pull (no squat). Weighed in at 136 (148 class).


Opener: 115. Attempted to start lift before spotter fully handed off bar so I sort of wrestled it out of his hands, lost my arch, bar was totally crooked and I felt like I wanted to fall right off the bench…. really smooth move overall (jk). 2 white lights though (good lift). but off to a somewhat shaky start.

2nd attempt: 120. Easy peasy – but in my satisfaction, racked it before the command! (grrrr) 2 red lights for that. bad lift.

3rd lift: 125. Super easy, if my 2nd lift wasn’t a flop and I might have had the confidence to try a little more weight here. 3 whites, good lift. Phew!


Opener: 265. My bad knee buckled a little in warmups. But the 265 opener was easy.

2nd lift: 285. Super easy.

3rd lift: 300. Felt like nothing.

I am new to conventional pulling (no more sumo for a while with knee) so wasn’t fully confident in my dead. Was only going to do 290 but my friends convinced me that 300 had a nicer ring to it. Grateful to have that sort of encouragement.

My previous conventional 300 attempts at home were verrry slow to leave the ground. I psych myself out looking at the bar. The 100lb plates, my mind registers them as 45’s. Whereas at home, I need to load the barbell to the ends with all my plates and bumpers and just looking at it is exhausting. It’s all mental I guess.

Push/ Pull Total: 425

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