Meet Report – Push/ Pull – December 2012

December 1st, 2012 by Laura

Weighed in at 141.

Opener: 130
2nd attempt: 135
3rd attempt: 140 MISS
I knew it was bad the second I unracked. Had bar too far out in front on the descent, went waaay slow as I neared the chest, resisting the weight and using up all my energy by the time I was at the bottom of the lift.

Ended up with 15 pounds under my own bench record.

Plan was to open a little lighter than usual and try to limit my lifts in the upper range to avoid exhaustion.

Opener: 320

2nd attempt: 340 – NOT COUNTED – misload! I grabbed the bar and one side was coming up ok, the other, was not, bar was TOTALLY crooked. My trap was straining, I guess it looked pretty awful to because one girl there was massaging my trap for me after like ‘omg are you alright? that looked rough!’ I locked out the side I could but the other side didn’t make it and I dropped the bar. I felt like crap for not only failing the lift, but letting the bar drop like that.

Thought I had grabbed the bar crooked or something, went back over to see if I could still put in for 350 next, but they realized that the weight was misloaded. So they would allow me to retake it whenever i felt ready.

Appreciated that, but there went my plan of limiting my lifts on the upper end!

2nd attempt retake: 340 – smooth as silk

At this point I figure I’ve given all I had. Downed pretty much a jar of peanut butter and then:

3rd attempt: 353

Shaky, but it went up!!! Was SO excited!!

So ended up with:
Push Pull Total: 488
Best Overall Lifter – Female. I even got cash, yo!!

Feeling pretty happy to close out the year with that dead

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