Meet Report – Push/ Pull – July 2012

July 1st, 2012 by Laura

Powerlifting Meet Report/ Vids – 341 lb deadlift PR

I was desperate to hit a PR AT a meet, which I have never done. And I wanted to take risks instead of playing it safe. So that was the goal this meet.


Opener: 125 was ok. just ok.

2nd attempt” I *think* was 132. I was nervous and could not figure out the kilo conversion chart at the time. need to calm the heck down haha.. Felt pretty spastic, was warned about getting too excited and jumping before the commands. 3 whites though.

3rd attempt: 141 pounds. Miss. My setup not great, I totally relaxed at the bottom so it might as well have been a pin press – bar didn’t go anywhere.

141 would have been a PR, so no risk taking or PR in bench today.


Opener: 300 – Good.

2nd attempt: 325 good lift. I got my first PR! Here’s how that went:

3rd attempt: 341 A friend insisted on 340 next and I thought he was nuts. But , I already got 325 so I beat last meet’s total and got more than what I had set out for. So what’s the difference if I try 330 or 340. It’s going up or its not… When I requested 341 I felt like I was going to puke (and it was 341 because I am awesome at figuring out kilos haha). But… here’s how it went

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