My First Meet Report – 555@140

October 1st, 2011 by Laura

Friday: Bursitis was so bad I could not walk up stairs. I really wanted to do the full meet, but thought at minimum, I could do deadlift only. Hobbled in with an ice pack strapped to my knee, still in hopes of a full meet.

Weighed in at 140 pounds. Reluctantly switched to just deadlift – knee wouldn’t bend.

After Rules clinic, I was excited. Forced myself into a painful squat to test range and said ‘f#*# it! I’m in!’

Squat: Original plan was to leave it with a squat opener / token (just 135). Two lifts later I squatted 175. Felt like I could do Way more – then knee was SEARING! Hot, was giving out, circulation cut… intense pressure and pain. I was thinking I might have now ruined my chances of deadlifting. One of the gym workers called in a bag of ice for me (very nice!) and it saved me. Thank goodness – I just needed to keep enough mobility to dead. Ortho on MONDAY!

Bench: I was SO afraid I bombed my bench – I grasped the bar unevenly first lift, left (injured) side bore way more weight, but 3 white lights. I had to take a weird grip due to shoulder impingement (I’m in a lovely state haha), 3rd set I left it at 115. I saw all sorts of bench techniques and realized, I’ve got no game in that department. Something to work on.

Deadlift I got teased for holding back, and that is my one regret of the day. I opened at 225, then 245, then 265. 265 felt, and looked light. When i exited the platform, everyone seated said it looked easy and someone even said it looked like I was like picking up a kitten. They also found it humorous that I gently placed the bar back down without making a sound. I joked that it was because I am used to being quiet to not wake the kids with banging weights, but really i was like wtf. I sold myself WAY short on some real excitement, just to play it safe and not miss a lift. I was on the edge of my seat, watching some of the other lifters fighting for it, getting stuck and pulling through with every ounce of energy – I love seeing people freak over their new PRs.

So a new tactic – next time, my dl opener will be 265. I know I can get that – warmups are for a reason, not to be used as an actual lift! Next lift will be the most I’ve ever lifted at home, whatever it is at the time, I am guessing somewhere around 290-300. And lift 3 will be the PR.

So overall my first meet went well. I came in first the Women’s Open, got some state records and made some friends. I’m glad I played it safe and got some positive reinforcements. I was very conservative with the lifts due to injury, being only 6 months postpartum without dedicated training/ recovery, and dire fear of doing something ‘wrong’ (missing a command and getting redlighted, bombing out, etc). So going light made sense. But next time, all I care about is setting some new PR’s! I want some suspense and drama! I LOVED watching everyone fight for theirs, I was on the edge of my seat the whole show.

Meet Total: 555

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