Meet Report – Push/ Pull – October 2012

October 1st, 2012 by Laura

My 3rd RPS meet, 4th meet overall. I weighed in at 142 or 143, can’t remember

Opener: 130 – easy, 3 whites

2nd attempt: 140
small glitch, I hit the rack when unracking (geez thought I only did this crap at home) and lost my shoulder set up. Still felt easy (8lb meet PR). 3 whites.

3rd attempt: 150 an 18 pound meet PR
3 whites. Tied their record

In the vid it looks like my butt was off the bench from that angle but it wasn’t. I have a very ample backside so there was still plenty on the bench haha. I felt 100% better benching at this meet than I have in the past. I was wanting more at the end of this and feel poised for some good benching in the future.

Opener: 325
3 whites but Utter crap! I felt shaky, shaking to the point I thought they would think I was hitching, got lightheaded in the middle of the lift, and felt weak. Was really questioning my next move of 345. Honestly thought I had no shot. I also shot my hips up as my upper half just wasn’t moving with the weight.

2nd attempt: 345, A 4 lb meet PR
3 whites
Oddly, felt WAY easier than 325.

3rd attempt: 360 (fail) – An infuriating miss at the end!
Normally, if a deadlift gets off the ground at all for me, it is going up. This one came up allll the way to what I thought was my STRONG point – shooting the hips through, but when I got there I just had nothing left to give. I have NEVER been stuck at lockout before.

I guess it is time for me to come out of my comfort zone on this lift because I am MAD at this 360 now!

All in all, a great meet. But I have a serious bone to pick with 360 for next time.

Push/Pull Total : 495

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