Russian Squat Assault

November 3rd, 2013 by Laura

Just wanted to stick this here though it is easy to remember; it is just the 3-week base mesocycle of Smolov stretched out to 6 weeks (2 sessions per week instead of 4). From the Pavel book listed below.

170% 4x975% 5x7
280% 7x585% 10x3
370%+10lbs 4x975%+10lbs 5x7
480%+10lbs 7x585%+10lbs 10x3
570%+15lbs 9x475%+15lbs 5x7
680%+15lbs 7x585%+15lbs 10x3

Spacing out the days makes it easier on the body and is still usually enough to provide a volume contrast with whatever programming I was doing leading up to it. If not, then 3 days per week works too. It doesn’t have to be crammed into 4 sessions per week like the original Smolov.

You can lower the reps and up the sets if you are really struggling (do 9 sets of 4 instead of 4 sets of 9).

For deadlifts, I’ve only tried running speed cycles alongside this. It seems to be a good fit. My dead usually goes up alongside the squat anyway in spite of not training it heavy.

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