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January 25th, 2014 by Laura

I used to struggle pretty badly with squats, feeling like I was in a different body every day and the same cues wouldn’t work from one day to the next. This is no longer as much of an issue. I will still keep note here of what helped in the past incase I need it again in the future.

Pearl and Dragon/ Yin-Yang

Pearl/ Dragon was passed on to me as a cue from a Weightlifter friend. His squatting cues are pretty much the only cues that make complete sense to me and have improved my high bar quite a bit.

‘You know the Yin-Yang symbol. It has nothing to do with good versus evil, or this versus that.. It is simply a symbol for BALANCE. You gotta have balance.. Without balance, there is only imbalance. I know that sounds obvious, but think about that for a moment.

At any rate, the pearl in Asian culture symbolizes peace, serenity, tranquility, patience.. The dragon symbolizes aggression and courage.. The two must be balanced when you lift. You have to be a pearl when you need to be a pearl. You have to be a dragon when you need to be a dragon.. BALANCE. If you are too much of a pearl, you will miss the ability to lift your potential 1RM.. If you are too much of a dragon, your form will be all over the place and your lift will be inefficient as a result of wasted energy.

So think Yin-Yang when you squat. You are a pearl on the way down, and turn into a dragon on the way up. The lift starts and ends in the head with the right mindset.’

Thank you Joel!

Instead of putting the energy into specific body parts and questioning positions, stopping points, timing and intensities, this helped me reconnect with the lift and feel out what needs to happen and when.

Lat Pulldown, Tight Glutes, Brace
3 simple cues for less noise, best used when my squat is already flowing ok.
Think of behind the neck pulldown
Get ready to bounce off glutes
Brace core and stay upright as if going to front squat


Videos From Decent Squat Days

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